Saving Money on Laundry

Most people won’t be able to pull this off, but it’s worth testing. I use a coin operated communal washer and dryer. They cost $1.00 each, according to the number of coin slots they have. However, I’ve discovered that by placing three quarters in particular slots, I can actually wash my clothes for only 75 cents.

Also, I save money because I don’t believe in sorting. When I buy a new item that’s especially bright or dark and therefore likely to bleed, I do wash it separately to avoid ruining my other clothes, and I’ve learned the hard way that washing it by hand isn’t sufficient to remove the extra dye, and that dye that doesn’t show up in a sink wash will still find its way onto your light clothes in a machine wash. But most of the time I just wash everything together in cold water with zero problems. Savings? $1.75, a scoop of detegerent, and an hour and a half of clothes sorting, machine monitoring, and load changing.

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