Citi Card Refer a Friend

If you are a Citi Card holder, here is a deal for you. Follow this link to refer your friends for a Citibank credit card, and if they apply and are approved, you'll get $25. Here are the offer details:

*This reward will only be issued in response to this offer. The reward is issued for each approved account up to a maximum of 5 approved accounts. You will receive 25 Dividend Dollars per approved account. The statement credits will post to your account within 2-3 billing cycles from the date your referral is approved. In order to qualify for this reward, each person you refer must verify your unique customer ID number, provided to him/her on the email you will forward. In order for you to receive this reward, the person you refer must apply for and be approved for a Citi Card. Your account must be open and not in default under any Card Agreement to receive this reward. We are unable to provide you with information about who has been approved or denied credit, or the basis for that decision.

It does not say that the person actually has to activate or use the card, which is interesting.

The Citi Dividend card is my favorite credit card and I recommend it to people all the time with or without a $25 payback. They are currently offering 2% cash back on groceries, drugstores, utilities, and gas and 1% back on everything else. Unlike some other cashback cards, there is no minimum amount that you have to spend before the full cash back percentages kick in. I save a couple hundred dollars a year because of this card. If you are a big, big spender, you may find a better deal with other cash back cards, however, because Citi caps your cash back at $275 a year. Or you may want to use this card until you max out your cash back and then start using the next best card.

If you're interested in applying for the Citi Dividend card, I'd be happy to send you a referral email. I'm on (gmail) at twopenniesearned, or simply leave a comment on this post with your email address (I promise not to publish the comment, but I will get your message). Unfortunately, this card does not offer a signup bonus for new cardholders, but if you let me refer you and I get the $25 bonus, I will donate the full $25 to the charity of your choice.

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samrat said...

i already refered many people and all got there cards but not even a penny was given to me after repeated number of calls this is all bull shit and cheap trick or the ineffecient service...dont fall into the pit

Kushvaha said...

my friend referred 5-6 ppl and he got 150$ as a reward. so its not a rick :P

Anonymous said...

Get $50 opening a Citibank checking account with this ID#: 200459337

Just give this number to the banker. Valid until 11/13/10.