News Worth Repeating

I try not to do a lot of speedlinking on my site because I feel like I should be coming up with my own original content rather than linking to other people's. However, when I come across something that's too good not to pass on, I still post it here.

Jonathan of My Money Blog recently posted about a PayPal promotion for a $15 rebate on any purchase of $30 or more. Here's an extra tip: this promotion is not only useful to you as a purchaser on eBay--it's also fantastic for sellers. By promoting this promotion in a recent eBay listing, I was able to sell an item for a higher price than I expected. The seller got a great deal--$15 off--and I got a great deal--I sold my item for its full retail value. The extra 50 cents I paid to eBay for using the subtitle feature to mention this promotion in my listing sure paid off!

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