Gap/Old Navy Return Followup

In a post earlier this week, I complained about not receiving a full refund for a sweater I purchased from Old Navy using a Gap Rewards certificate. After putting off dealing with it for a week, I realized that I could send an email to customer service rather than calling or paying a visit to the store, so I did. I feel like it's much easier to explain things in writing than over the phone, and going to the store is a pain. Here's what they said:

After reviewing your account, we have verified that when you placed this order,you applied a $10 Reward Certificate. As such, you were only charged $25.70 for the sweater. Please note, the discount that was applied to the returned item will be applied back to your GapCard account in the form of points.

My thoughts on this response?

1. A well-educated, articulate CSR! Sweet!

2. They appear to have some way of dealing with this situation so that no one
gets ripped off. I still think that it would make more sense to just apply the
$10 discount to the whole order instead of pro-rating it for each item purchased,

I'll have to watch my next statement or two now to make sure I get the points that are owed to me. 380 points. As you can see, this point system is kind of a pain. Gap used to do a $1=1 point thing, where 200 points equaled a $10 reward certificate. Then they changed it to $1 equals 5 points, where 1000 points equals a $10 reward certificate. The rate of return is the same, but the point structure is more confusing. I wonder why they did that?

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tacocruncher said...

Glad to see you got that worked out. I wonder if that is that was an automatic procedure or their concession.

I have noticed many rewards programs affected by this point inflation. The customer is supposed to feel great earning 5X as many points! At least they kept the equivalent rewards levels, some of my other programs have increased the real cost of rewards.

Anonymous said...

Same thing happened to me. I returned some items and kept some. The ones I kept amounted to more than the $10 rewards coupon I used (which they also spread out over each item). When I returned the items I only got credit for the amount less the percentage of rewards that had been applied. They told me the same thing - that the amount I was not credited for at this time would be applied to my next rewards amount. There are other stores that do this (Macy's). I will wait and see if I receive the 'lost' amount. They should change this policy - it's really not right.