Valentine's Day Sales Are Coming

While most folks are looking forward to a romantic evening (or lamenting that they are spending Valentine's Day alone this year), those of us who are particularly frugal are getting excited about the great sales that will be available as soon as the frenzy passes. It seems like only days ago that I wrote about taking advantage of post-Christmas sales, and now another great sale is upon us.

Here are some items you can score fantastic deals on this February 15th.

Candy: Just because it has a red and silver wrapper on it doesn't mean it stops tasting good today. Grocery stores and big box stores are great sources of all variety of half-price candy today. I often have good luck at Target.

Gift wrap: Valentine's Day isn't the only holiday where the colors red and white factor in heavily. If you missed the post-Christmas wrapping paper sales, stock up now. Much Valentine's D ay wrapping paper can be used for birthdays and other holidays if you steer towards solid colored items. In addition to reds and whites, you're also likely to find lots of pink and silver items.

Candles: Unlike Christmas or Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day candles don't tend to have season-specific scents. Most people don't want the scent of evergreen or cinnamon wafting through their home in August, but unscented or vanilla candles are usable throughout the year. Candles can also make great gifts. (Some people consider them cop-out gifts, but I actually like candles, so feel free to buy me one!)

Cards: Cards are one of the most commonly purchased Valentine's Day items. If you purchase all your Valentine's Day cards a year in advance, you can get them for half price. Don't forget to buy cards for your kids' classroom exchanges, either: as long as you stick with something generic and stay away from cards with this season's hottest cartoon characters, you should still be able to use the cards next year.

Dinner: If you can put off your Valentine's Day meal out until tomorrow, you'll avoid the crowds, the inflated prices, and the limited menus.

Valentine's Day can be an expensive pain in the butt, or it can be a great savings opportunity. The choice is yours!

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