Successful Complaint Letter to The Gap

To follow up on my recent post about how to write an effective complaint letter, I thought I would share a complaint letter I wrote that was successful.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing because I am very unhappy with my experience with my Gap credit card.

I signed up for this card because of the points/reward coupon system. However, I have found that this system does not work well at all.

The first time the system failed me was when I received a $20 rewards coupon that expired within only 30 days. When I wrote in to ask for a non-expired coupon, I received only a $10 replacement coupon. I thought this was rather insulting and rather strange as the coupons I had received in the past had expiration dates quite far in the future, sometimes more than one year.

My next problem occurred when I used a coupon to buy a pair of jeans which I ended up returning. I was reassured by store employees that the 1,000 points I had to accumulate to get that coupon would be credited back to my account so that I would not lose the value of my coupon. That was in January and it is now June. I never received those points.

The only reason I signed up for the Gap card was because it of its rewards. I have plenty of other credit cards I could use, which offer other rewards such as cash back, frequent flyer miles, and points that can be exchanged for merchandise. If the Gap card wants to keep my business, it needs to do a better job of administering its program correctly so that customers actually receive and are able to use the rewards they have earned.

I hope that these problems will be rectified.


Amy Fontinelle


So how was my complaint resolved? They sent me a $20 coupon with an expiration date sufficiently far in the future. Problem solved. I'm happy and they kept me as a Gap credit card customer.

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