Financial Goals for 2009

You're much more likely to achieve your goals if you know what they are. With the new year upon us, I've created a list of my financial goals for 2009. I hope my list will inspire you to create some goals of your own. You can think of your goals as guidelines--things you can probably do pretty easily, but that you want to specifically state so that you'll stay on track--or as aspirations, things that will take a little effort but that you might be able to accomplish if you work toward them. My goals include both.

1. Rebuild the family emergency fund (severely depleted after purchasing a house).

2. Increase my income while still enjoying life, and allow myself two weeks' "paid" vacation. I've set a weekly income goal to meet, and will be adding new clients toward that end. I'm also going to turn in my work earlier, because the sooner I finish one assignment, the sooner I can take on another one, and the less I'll have to experience deadline stress or stay up til 4 a.m. finishing something.

3. Exercise prudence and moderation in house-related purchases. In other words, go to a lot of garage sales and limit trips to Target and Home Depot.

That's it--those are my goals. If I made too many, they might seem too daunting and I might feel frustrated if I didn't achieve them all. It's going to take some hard work and focus to accomplish these things. What are your 2009 financial goals?

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