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How to borrow money to fix up a house

Kevin Quinn's 1866 home, before restoration Have you ever been watching an episode of House Hunters where a young couple with a modest homebuying budget finds a fixer upper that's under budget and says they can use the savings to repair the house? I've always wondered where they get that money from, since they probably barely have enough money for a down payment. Where would they find the cash to fix the hideous kitchen and the outdated bathrooms, or to replace the dingy carpet with gorgeous hardwood floors? While House Hunters doesn't get into the details of homebuyers' finances, there are home loans available that will help you finance a fixer upper, and I've written about two of them for Kevin Quinn, owner of Bartlett Home Improvement in Memphis, used one of these loans to fix up a house that was in such bad condition that he was repeatedly urged to tear it down and start over. But he's a big believer in historic preservation, an

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