How I Get Coupons for Organic Products

I purchase a lot of organic products, so the coupons that come out in the Sunday paper and that arrive in my mailbox are generally useless to me. I decided to try emailing or leaving comments on the websites of the organic product companies whose products I eat regularly, like Amy's, Horizon, and Luna Bar.

It seems that complaints may get better rewards than compliments. I complimented Horizon and Larabar. Larabar sent nothing and Horizon sent two 55 cent off coupons. I told Amy's and Luna Bar that I really loved their products, but that I hadn't enjoyed a particular product of theirs. Amy's sent me three coupons for a free product of my choice plus two $1 off coupons and two $0.55 cent off coupons, all because I didn't think one of their products had enough sauce. Luna Bar sent me six chai latte bars when I mentioned that the chai bars I purchased always seemed to be hard.

I also found printable coupons for the taking on the Soy Delicious website.

The moral of the story seems to be that if you want a coupon for a specific product, writing to the company will usually work. And if you have a complaint, you should always submit it! You never know what freebies you might end up with.

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