Saving Money on Wireless Internet

How much do you pay for internet service each month? For me, it was going to cost upwards of $50 (since I don’t already have phone or cable service), which I just can’t justify when I have full access to the net for 40 hours a week at work plus all weekend at my boyfriend’s house. There are definitely times when it’s convenient to be able to look up driving directions from home though, or when it’s nice to be able to watch TV while doing time consuming tasks like uploading photos.

I actually pay nothing for wireless internet, and I don’t steal it, either. How did I pull this off? I put up a notice in the mail area of my apartment offering to pay for access to any fellow resident’s wireless network. As it turns out, one of my neighbors pays so little for adding it on to her phone bill that she wasn’t even willing to charge me, but she was willing to share her WEP password. So now I have free internet for as long as she lives there, and I got to know my neighbor a little better, too.

I’m no computer geek, and I know there are probably some security issues involved in doing this. If you know what those are, please leave a comment.

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