Avoid Nice Restaurants on Valentine's Day

My boyfriend and I picked out a tried-and-true favorite and made Valentine's Day dinner reservations, only to find out that instead of the usual menu, they will be serving a fixed menu for $65 per person. This is a common restaurant practice on this day because it helps them keep up with the high volume of orders and churn out more meals.

We had to ask ourselves, why would we pay higher than usual prices to have a much smaller selection and eat in a crowded restaurant? Why not go out to eat on February 13 or February 15 instead, when traffic will be lighter, restaurants won't be packed, prices will be lower, and the full menu will be available? So we're changing our reservations to Tuesday. We haven't gone out for a nice dinner in a long time, so we're opting for the earlier date, but other good options for Valentine's Day would be staying in and cooking, ordering takeout, or dining at a low-key restaurant that doesn't change things up for Valentine's Day.


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fakir005 said...

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iportion said...

Maybe an inddor picnic on Valentine's Day or take out