Cheap Long Underwear

If you live somewhere cold, will be traveling somewhere cold, or plan to do any winter camping, you might be considering buying some long underwear. Personally, any time the temperature drops below 40 degrees and I'm going to be spending some time outside, pants alone just don't keep me warm enough. I get cold easily.

Shopping for long underwear is an incredibly frustrating experience, though. For some reason, they all seems to suffer from one or more of the following:
-They're hideous
-The waistband comes up uncomfortably high
-The waistband size to leg width size doesn't work with my body type
-They're expensive
-They're too bulky to wear comfortably under my jeans

Forced to be creative, I found a fantastic and much cheaper solution: tights. I got some thick black cotton tights at Target for $5, cut off the feet (I didn't want to deal with two layers of foot covering, but if they don't bother you, the feet on tights can help keep your feet toasty when you add socks), and viola--long underwear that fits, keeps me warm, and barely made a dent in my budget. Tights also tend to be a lot stretchier than long underwear, which means that they can accomodate more body shapes.


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