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I just learned about some coupon codes for that will be valid from tomorrow, Friday, January 4 through Sunday, January 6. The code is THANKYOU and it will get you 40% off the cost of a certificate.

In case you are not already familiar with the site, lets you purchase gift certificates for restaurants at a significant discount ($10 for a $25 certificate is a common option).

I have purchased certificates from them several times and never had any trouble redeeming them. In fact, even when one of the restaurants I had purchased a certificate for stopped participating in the program, sent me an email letting me know I could exchange my unused certificate for a new one.

The main thing to watch out for is that some restaurants have restrictions on when and how you can use the certificates. For example, some places only accept them on Monday through Thursday. Sometimes you are required to have a certain number of people in your party in order to use the certificate. Most of the time (if not always), you are required to spend a certain minimum amount before you are allowed to use the certificate.

So for example, I recently used a certificate for an Italian restaurant. I purchased a $10 certificate (and it only cost me $4 with the coupon code I had) that was good for $25 worth of food with a minimum $50 purchase. I called the restaurant ahead of time, made a reservation, and mentioned the certificate to make sure there would be no problem. When I was at the restaurant, as the certificate states, I gave it to the server before we ordered. For me, the minor extra steps I have to take to use a certificate are worth it to save the money.

I plan to post these codes from now on whenever I am aware of them, but if you'd prefer, you can have them sent to your inbox by signing up at the website via the small "sign up for more savings" box on the bottom left of the homepage.

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