Found An Agent

Well, I met with the friend of the family agent I mentioned two posts ago. He may not offer a commission rebate, but I've decided that commission rebates aren't all they're cracked up to be. This agent has much more experience in real estate than most of the agents I contacted who offered commission rebates, so while I may not be getting a commission rebate, I think he will be more effective in helping me find a great house and negotiate the selling price and closing costs than the other agents would. Good negotiating will save me at least as much money as a commission rebate would, if not more.

While the bar was set pretty low based on the experiences I had with other agents, I think the agent I have now would be impressive no matter what. He contacts me daily, if not multiple times a day. He responds to all my emails within a few hours. He answers all my questions, is very knowledgeable about the area where I want to buy, and has been nothing but patient and helpful though my situation is somewhat tricky since I am self-employed. Best of all, he is willing to stick with me for the long haul even if it takes months for me to secure financing and find a cheap enough house. And he doesn't seem to mind that my goal is to buy pretty much the cheapest habitable house on the market (that isn't in a crappy neighborhood).

So despite what I always thought about not going with a full-service agent, I am glad I have one, and I'm relieved to have found someone who comes highly recommended and has already done a lot to impress me in the few days I have known him.

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