Adapting The Right Mindset To Land Your Dream Job

Do you love your job? Do you wish you did? Your mantra may be, “there’s a reason they call it work,” but you don’t have to trudge through your weekdays forever if you don’t want to.

The first step to landing your dream job is getting rid of the negative thoughts that are preventing you from achieving your goal. Here are some positive thoughts to get you in the right frame of mind.

You can do what you love: The money probably won’t be there at first and it might seem impossible for you to figure out a way to make money in an enjoyable way, but if you are truly passionate about something, there is a way to make it succeed and make a living doing it. It takes a lot more effort than getting a job as an administrative assistant, but if you truly love what you’re doing, that effort will also be the reason that you love putting in the extra hours.

You don’t have to wait forever: There is never going to be a perfect time to pursue your dream job. While it would be great if all the stars aligned and you could begin your dream job without any risk, it isn’t going to happen. You’re going to have to take a chance or forever be waiting. Don’t wait forever for that perfect moment to arrive; just pick a less-risky moment (i.e., not the first month in your new house or the day your wife loses her job) and go for it.

You can use discouragement to your advantage: Whether on purpose or with genuine help in mind, a lot of people will discourage you from pursuing your dream job. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it, but it does mean that you’ll need a tough skin and stubbornness to continue to pursue your dream job when it seems nobody but you believes in it. Don’t take discouragement as meaning your dream is unachievable; take it as advice on what not to do and as fuel to prove people wrong.

Contrary to what you might think, though, you shouldn’t always ignore these people: In fact, you should listen especially hard to what they have to say because the reasons they say your ideas won’t work may be valid points. Listen and figure out a way to address and solve those problems. Understanding the possible pitfalls in your plan can make it easier and faster to reach your destination. What’s more, cutting important people out of your life because they don’t support you can be as devastating as believing that there is no way to get your dream job.

You don’t have to be afraid to quit your job: Even when you hate your job, sometimes it’s easier to keep dragging yourself there every day than it is to quit because you’re comfortable with the familiarity or because you’re terrified of how your boss will react when you say that you’re quitting. The temporary discomfort you’re likely to face when starting a new job or having that difficult conversation with your boss are not nearly as bad as being miserable, or even simply discontent, with what you spend a large chunk of your life doing.

Creating your own business is not as risky as you think: Starting your own business is indeed risky, but not creating one in pursuit of your dream job is even riskier. When you are older, the last thing you want to be saying is “I wish I would have…” Even if you happen to fail, you will know that you tried and never have that regret hanging over you. Although everything that you try may not be a success, you will not regret giving them a try as much as you will regret the things that you choose not to try.

You don’t have to get lucky: Okay, so there are people who genuinely do get lucky and win the lottery or inherit a ton of money, but it’s not you. If you wouldn’t be willing to risk your future prosperity and happiness on a lottery ticket, then you need to succeed the way the other 99% of people do: with a lot of hard work and determination. That is the way to create your own luck.

Dream jobs do exist: Many people will tell you they don’t, but don’t listen to them. That doesn’t mean that your dream job will come knocking on your door or be easy to find. In fact, you may have to create your own dream job. But don’t let anyone convince that there isn’t something better out there if you aren’t satisfied with what you’re doing.

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