Free Engagement/Wedding Ring Cleanings and Inspections

Photo by GrrLash

When I went engagement ring shopping, one of the supposed perks that every jewelry store seemed to offer was that I could bring my ring in for free cleanings and inspections.

I ended up getting my ring from a jeweler that was going out of business, so I thought that an added expense of my ring was going to be paying to have it professionally cleaned (to keep it sparkly) and inspected (to make sure none of the prongs have loosened) the recommended two times per year. I wasn't thrilled about this prospect, but it seemed like an acceptable compromise to get a ring I wanted at a price that wasn't completely absurd. (See my related post, How to Get a Good Deal on an Engagement Ring.)

When it came time to get my ring cleaned, I decided to take it to a jeweler that had very good reviews online. It turns out that they will clean and inspect my ring for free anytime I want. How great is that?

It's also a smart business strategy--not only has this store earned my goodwill and made themselves the first place I will turn to if I ever want to buy another piece of fine jewelry or have any kind of jewelry repair work done, they also get me and other customers to visit their store and potentially look at their merchandise on a regular basis.

If you're shopping for an engagement ring, don't let the promise of free cleanings and inspections be a deciding factor in which jeweler to make your purchase from--you can probably find this service from another jeweler for free.

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