City vs. Suburbs--Where Should You Live?

Photo by E. Kvelland

Have you reached a point where you have to make a conscious choice between living in the suburbs and living in the city?

If you grew up in one or the other, you probably have strong feelings about that experience: the suburbs were boring—there was nothing to do there but hang out at the mall; the city was full of interesting restaurants and cultural events, but it was so far away. Or maybe the city felt dangerous, dirty and crowded and you longed for feelings of safety and open space. Whatever our feelings, we probably didn’t have any say in where we lived. As adults, we can choose, but we also have different wants and needs that can lead to surprising choices.

While both have their pros and cons, the ideal situation will depend on your personality. Factors such as commute; job and educational opportunities; house size, lot size, and privacy; housing age; social life and cultural amenities; local government; and overall quality of life will affect your decision. For some considerations that might help you make a decision, read my Financial Edge article for Investopedia, Choosing Between the Suburbs and the City.

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Jenn said...

Saw an interesting post on Baby Off Board that could add a deciding factor for city v. suburbs: lack of children.