3 High-Pressure Home Improvement Sales Tactics

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Do you want to replace one window in your home? That will require an extra $200 fee because the job doesn’t meet our three-window minimum.

That's what I was told recently when I got a quote from a major home improvement vendor to replace one window in my home. Fortunately, if I wanted to replace my gutters for $1700, the $200 fee could be waived.

Vendors selling products related to the improvement of your home can be some of the hardest sales people to deal with. Why? Because it’s easy to convince yourself to spend more money on your home. You spend lots of time there and you want any upgrades you make to be done right and to last for years. What’s more, these sales professionals often require a visit to your house—and it’s much harder to get someone out of your house than it is to walk away from someone in a store. Learn how to deal with some of the high-pressure home improvement sales tactics you might face in my Financial Edge article for Investopedia, 3 High-Pressure Home Improvement Sales Tactics.

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