Retirement Planning For Those Who Live Past 100

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If you plan to retire in comfort and style, don't underestimate how long you might live.

Death rates in the United States have reached an all-time low, and life expectancies continue to rise. The life expectancy for a woman at birth is now 80.4 years; for a man, it's 75.4 years.

The American Society of Actuaries estimates that more than half of us will exceed average life expectancies. What's more, a 2009 article in the Lancet, a leading medical journal, projected that more than 50% of people born since 2000 in developed countries will live past 100.

To learn how to plan for your retirement given the possibility of living longer than you initially planned for, read my Financial Edge article for Investopedia, Retirement Planning For Those Who Live Past 100.  

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