5 Little-Known Tax Deductions And Credits

Photo:  Dave Dugdale

Do you want to minimize your tax bill? Then you need to know about all the deductions and credits available and which ones apply to you. However, if you don't have the time or desire to read tax-prep books in your spare time, you can read about five deductions and credits that might save you some money come tax season in my article 5 Little-Known Tax Deductions And Credits.

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Mercedes said...

Great points here I'm sure many people are unaware of. Another I'd like to point out is depending on your state, you can be reimbursed for excessive traveling for work. For instance, my job has an office in Long Island and also in Brooklyn. I spend most of my time at the Long Island office, but I do have to travel to the Brooklyn office twice a week. I met up with one of the most knowledgeable tax accountants in New York and he advised me of the huge sum of money I'd be getting in exchange for my travels. Along with that, he also secured some other deductions similar to the ones above that I had no idea about. Talk to a professional and do your research, the money makes it more than worth it.