Saving Money on Toothpaste and Lotion

You’ve probably heard that you can cut open an almost empty tube of toothpaste or lotion and get a ton more product out than you thought you had left. But have you ever actually tried it?

I do this with every bottle of lotion I own. I cut off the top a couple inches down. Then I can scoop out lotion until the tube is totally empty. My lotions tend to last another week or two this way, and there’s no painful squeezing at the end.

To make sure the contents don’t dry out, I use the top that I cut as the new cap. Just pinch together the long part of the tube and put the short part of the tube that you cut off over it. Or, put the cut tube in a ziplock bag. If doing this makes you feel cheap, don’t let it! Instead, feel smart that you know this trick, and enjoy saving a few bucks a year since everything you buy that comes in a plastic tube will now last longer.

Another way I save money on lotion is by stocking up at after-Christmas sales. Bath and Body Works often has fantastic after-Christmas sales where you can get lotion at half price (and not just Christmas scents). I’ll buy three or four tubes of body cream and that lasts me until the next sale. Of course, the best way to save money on lotion is to not buy designer lotion, but if you don’t like any drugstore brands, now you know how to save money on a mall brand. This tip applies to men, too–if your girlfriend/sister/mom likes this store, go stock up at the holiday sale and save your spoils for the next gift occassion. You’ll save both money and last-minute gift-buying stress.

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