Saving Money on Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper is one of those items you don't need to ever pay full price for as long as you do some simple advance planning. Each year at after-Christmas sales, you can purchase what will become next year's Christmas wrapping paper for a fraction of its original price (as much as 75% - 90% off). Within the Christmas wrap you can also find discounted ribbon for both Christmas and the rest of the year (silver and white match almost everything) and wrapping paper that will pass as non-holiday paper (last year I got one that had a shiny blue and green striped pattern).

I also recently found some $1 gift wrap at Goodwill so I picked up a couple rolls.

Finally, when I receive a gift, I save and reuse any gift bags, tissue paper, ribbons, and wrapping paper that don't get destroyed in the process of opening the gift.

Christmas sales are just a couple of weeks away, so don't forget to hit the store and stock up!


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iportion said...

I can save on wrapping paper but I’d rather recycle packing paper it’s free and less trash. I also recycle gift bags.