A New Sweater Costs $50, but A Button Kit Only Costs $2

We live in a society where it is standard to toss anything that's broken and replace it with a new one. The high cost of repairs and the time involved in making them, combined with the low cost of new items and the ease of acquiring them, often makes replacement the most logical choice.

However, we're so accustomed to this mindset that we sometimes forget that certain repairs are cheap and easy to do ourselves. One example of this is mending clothes. While I have had no success with mending holey socks, I have managed to save sweaters with holes in them using a simple needle and thread (no sewing machine required), my favorite comforter (thanks to the generous help of two good friends with a sewing machine and sewing machine skills), and numerous other items that didn't quite fit and would have gone to waste without the minor alterations I made to them (I have no training in this, by the way).

The next time you think an item needs to be replaced, first consider whether there might be a cheap and easy way to fix it.


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