Quick Tip: Long's Drugs has Printable Coupons

You can print weekly coupons for Long's Drugs directly from their website (coupons are only valid in-store). I think this is fantastic, because it means that even if you don't subscribe to the Sunday paper, you won't miss out on savings. I wish more stores would do let you print coupons from their site.


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Melanie said...

The printable coupons I *love* are the weekly coupons offered to Borders Rewards members (free membership). I'm sure it helps their business, since I now buy a ton more from them than I ever did. At the same time, I get almost all of my gifts for friends and family from there. 25-30% off is great!

Victor said...

Hey, I didn't know about the Borders coupons! Does that make the prices comparable to or better than Amazon's? Are the coupons online coupons or in-store coupons?