Spice Trading Party

Some international markets and wholesale markets sell large containers of spices for what is often close to the same price you pay for one small bottle at the grocery store. But you'll never use the huge container before the spices lose their potency, and you don't have the space for all those containers. What's a cook to do?

Have a spice trading party with your friends! First, get friends to commit and submit a list of spices they want. Then, have one or two people go to the store and purchase all of the spices on your friends' list. They should also buy a bunch of the smallest Gladware (or similar cheap tupperware) containers you can find and some labels. Then get everyone together to divide up the spices and pay their fair share. Write the name of the spice on a label and stick it on the side of each Gladware container for easy identification later. Everyone will leave the party with a huge assortment of spices acquired for a fraction of their retail grocery store price.

Thanks to reader Miranda Todd for this idea.


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