My Valentine's Day Success

In my previous post about avoiding restaurants on Valentine's Day, I wrote about the extra hassles and expenses involved in dining out on this supposedly sacred day.

I thought I'd report back and let you know that my plan to dine out on the night before Valentine's day went extraordinarily well. The restaurant emptier than usual, so we were able to sit outside and have the entire patio area to ourselves! Also, instead of a $65 set menu with only three options, we had our choice of anything from the full regular menu plus six, count 'em six, specials. We achieved all of our goals: we spent less money, we had a full menu to choose from, and we avoided the crowds. Most importantly, nothing could have been more romantic than having an entire section of the restaurant to ourselves. I plan to stick with this strategy from now on!

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iportion said...

I made dinner for valentines day and had our date "Thursday"