The Shaving Cream Myth

Back when I was an impressionable young lass, the writers of Seventeen magazine and a certain shave gel company had me convinced that to shave my legs using soap and water was a crime against humanity. Given that I do, in fact, have sensitive skin (there is only one brand of lotion I can put on my legs after shaving without causing my skin to burn like crazy), I believed the hype, and purchased expensive cans of shave gel for about ten years. Actually, it was my parents doing most of the purchasing back then, but you get the idea.

Self-imposed poverty forced me to give up such luxuries as shave gel, and that's when I discovered that soap and water work just fine, thankyouverymuch, and that I don't nick myself any more or less often using soap or shower gel than I did using high-tech foaming shave gel specially formulated for sensitive skin. The only time I notice a difference is if I shave using no soap at all or, god forbid, shave dry (oh, the agony).

Moral of story? Try not to let companies convince you that you need things you don't without experimenting first and seeing for yourself.


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iportion said...

And if you really want shaving cream men's cream is cheaper.

My Financial Journey said...

I agree 100% - see my post here

Frugal Tip don't buy shaving cream

Jonathan said...

Ha, I don't even use soap! Just water for me.

Yep, I'm a manly man. Actually, I'm really just lazy and don't have that much facial hair :)

Jonathan said...

Just checked with my wife - she uses soap and water too. I had no idea :)

The shave gel smells good though!

Anonymous said...

i like to use shave cream for the sole reason that I can see where I already shaved and where not. Since I get it so cheap at CVS I indulge little... But if I run out of it I just use some hair conditioner and the result is the same...