Post-Holiday Shopping

I thought you might like to know that I actually practice what I preach. Here's what I scored at Target's post-holiday 50% off sale yesterday:

8 sheets of red, green, pink, and white striped tissue paper - $0.50
25 sheets of white tissue paper - $0.50
60 sheets of holiday colored tissue paper in non-Christmas colors, suitable for birthdays and whatnot - $2.50
2 spools of shimmery blue curling ribbon - $1
6 spools of nice holiday fabric ribbon in year-round colors - $7.50
4 sturdy plastic holiday cups to use as gifts next year - $4
2 Christmas gift bags - $3
3 non-Christmas gift bags - $2.50
1 package Christmas gift tags - $1.50
1 holiday sponge - $0.50

Total with tax: $25

The bad news is that part of my purchase didn't make it into my bag and I didn't realize it until much later, so I'm out $4. Argh! That's pretty frustrating, and kind of puts a damper on the whole money-saving thing, especially because it was the gift items that got left out. I could call them, but it's really not worth a special trip to the store to pick them (one hour round trip). I'd be better off just re-buying the same cups another time when I'm out, if they still have some left. Besides, it's Target, so I doubt they'd even know what I was talking about.

Also, even though I got great deals on everything, I still found myself wondering if I spent too much, particularly on ribbon. However, I take pride in my present-wrapping skills, and if that costs me an extra $10 a year in ribbon, so be it.

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