Which Companies Provide the Best Customer Service?

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I've had a few great customer service experiences lately that are worth mentioning.

-Discover. I noticed that I hadn't received my bonus cash back for any online purchases I'd made through Shop Discover for all of 2012. I assumed there was a problem with my browser, but couldn't figure out what it might be.

I emailed Discover to ask about the missing cash back. I gave them a list of all my purchases since January on which I thought I should have earned a Shop Discover bonus. Within just a few hours, a representative replied saying that I would receive credit for each of these purchases. She provided a detailed list of how much credit I would get for each one.

That email plus a few minutes of research meant $42.28 in cash back that I otherwise would have missed out on. I can redeem $40 of that for $50 in gift cards. I was impressed that I didn't get any pushback from Discover and the response was so fast and through.

(In case you didn't already know, Shop Discover lets you earn extra cash back on online purchases made through the Discover website using your Discover card. The bonus cash back is usually in the 5% to 10% range. I used Shop Discover to earn extra cash back on pet food, clothing, tax software and home improvement purchases.

-eBates. I had the same problem with eBates that I did with Shop Discover, which was why I suspected a browser issue and not a provider issue. But eBates did have tracking tickets for my purchases, which made me think my browser setup was probably correct. So why wasn't I earning any cash back? Again, a quick email and a quick response put the missing money in my eBates account. All I had to do was provide the details of my order.

-Gap. I recently bought a workout top from Gap.com and when it arrived, it didn't fit. I called up customer service to exchange it for a different top. The call only took a few minutes, and I had the new shirt in two days, with free shipping, even though I don't live near their distribution center. I received similarly fast shipping the last time I placed an exchange. I'm sure it costs them extra to provide this service, but it makes me feel like they care about my business. It also relieves the disappointment of getting something you were looking forward to and having it not be quite what you expected.

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